Commissionaires is known for offering reliable and well-trained security professionals to our clients. That is because we deliver top of the line security training to our workforce. Our training experts have first-hand real life experience in the world of security and law enforcement, giving our trainees the practical knowledge they need to succeed in the industry. Our courses are facilitated through our two training centres located in Vancouver and Kelowna.

ATTENTION: This course requires you to complete a final exam online that is made up 100 multiple choice and true/false questions. Students must provide both a valid email address and their own tablet/laptop on exam day in order to complete the exam. There is no option to take the test otherwise. WiFi passwords will be provided for the exam. 

Vancouver Pricing

Basic Security Training - $235

Kelowna Pricing

Basic Security Training - $275


Suite 600 - 595 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 2T5

604 646 3330
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:00PM


Suite 100 - 346 Lawrence Avenue
Kelowna, BC V1Y 6L4

Phone: 250 979 4773
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:00PM



Basic Security Training


Basic Security Training



Complete your training with Commissionaires and you can be eligible to work for us in just 4 simple steps. NOTE: If you are a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces or a former RCMP member, you are eligible to receive training at no cost to you.  Contact us to learn more!

  1. Register for our Basic Security Training course
  2. Complete the course with a passing grade of 75% or higher
  3. Apply for a security license online or by direct mail (this takes approximately 6 weeks to process)
  4. Apply for a position with Commissionaires BC

Our Course


Course Length: 5 days + final exam (no training on weekends)

If you want to become a security professional, completing Basic Security Training (BST) is the first step. Approved to provide the course by the Justice Institute of BC, Commissionaires is the right choice for your security training.

Our training instructors have former policing, military or security backgrounds that offer real-world knowledge and experience. They carefully monitor the progress of each participant by getting to know you, building upon your personal experiences, and understanding your existing skills set.

During this 5-day course, participants will learn the basic elements of private security, the rights and responsibilities of a security professional, reporting requirements as well as personal safety techniques. It concludes with a 2-hour mandatory exam, and provides a free, half-day review the morning of the exam for participants who wish to attend.

Our training standards go beyond the prescribed course requirements. After completing this course, you will hit the ground running—armed with the know-how to manage real-life security scenarios.

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