How long does it take to fill in an application?
The process of filling in your criminal record check application takes approximately 10 minutes. Applications must be completed in the presence of our Commissionaires’ service agents, at one of our offices, or at your location with our
mobile service.

How do I get my results and how long does it take?
The National Canadian Police Information Center can provide a fax or electronic copy of results to Commissionaires BC in as little as 48 hours after submission. Results can be obtained in person by the applicant by showing picture ID or they can be received by fax or sent to a third party if this is pre-arranged. The original copy of the results will be available about one week after submission.

Who needs a vulnerable sector check?
A vulnerable sector check is required by applicants working with the vulnerable sector, including those working with children, the elderly and disabled. If you are involved with the vulnerable sector and are seeking a criminal background check, please go to your local police detachment.

Will results list actual offense details?
No. Criminal record check certificate results will show either ‘Approved’ or ‘Rejected’ and no details of offenses will be listed.

Is Commissionaires a government agency?
Commissionaires is not a government agency. Commissionaires is a not-for-profit organization employing former military and police as well as responsible citizens of all ages in rewarding careers.