What is digital fingerprinting?
Digital fingerprinting is the electronic capture of a person’s fingerprints via an optical scanner at a capture station. The scanned fingerprints, along with the applicationdetails, are then formatted into a standardized electronic package that is attached and emailed, via a secure link, direct to the RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Information System (CCRTIS).
CCRTIS compares the fingerprint package against the RCMP’s criminal record database. If no record is present, the RCMP will issue a certificate indicating a clear record. If the applicant does have a criminal record this will be indicated in the results.
Will the results of my fingerprints include a transcript?
Yes, fingerprint results will include a transcript. A transcript is a record of the applicant’s criminal record and will clearly indicate either a clean record or it will list convictions. The transcript also details the nature of the conviction(s). This transcript is released to the applicant, or it can be released to third parties if the applicant provides consent at the time of fingerprinting.
How long will it take for digital fingerprints to be processed by the RCMP?
If you do not have a criminal record and have never been fingerprinted for a criminal offence in Canada, the RCMP will make every effort possible to process your request within 7 to 10 business days of receiving the electronic submission. In view of this, please ensure sufficient time is allowed for receipt of the results in the mail before commencing inquiries about the status of fingerprints. If a criminal record is encountered during the verification process, processing will be increased to 120 days.

If your application has taken longer than the times indicated and you require an update on the status of your application, please email or call 613-998-6362 between the hours of 7:30AM and 3:30PM Eastern Time, providing ONLY the following information: 

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Type of application you submitted (Vulnerable Sector Check, Criminal Record Check)
  • Date your application was submitted to the RCMP
  • Daytime phone number/email address where you can be reached on weekdays
  • Document control number (DCN) - this number is located under the barcode on your transaction copy 

Can all applicants choose digital fingerprints?
Digital fingerprinting is available to most applicants for most applications. However in some cases, e.g., submissions to FBI, applicants cannot choose digital fingerprinting. For these situations we offer traditional ink and roll fingerprinting. Our fingerprinting professionals can advise you on whether you may choose digital fingerprinting or if you must choose traditional ink and roll fingerprinting.
How can I find out about the status of a submission once it has been sent to the RCMP?
Commissionaires BC provides the best in service to all our clients. Clients are advised that once the RCMP informs Commissionaires the electronic submission has been received and is successfully processing, the RCMP will not release any further transaction status information to Commissionaires. Clients (e.g., applicant or authorized third party) may inquire about the status of their electronic and / or traditional ink and roll submission by contacting the RCMP Civil Fingerprint Screening Services at 613 998 6362 or
Do applicants need an appointment?
No. We welcome walk-ins. Please check locations to confirm hours of operation. How long will it take to get my fingerprints taken? Our digital process is fast, efficient and clean. It normally takes about 20 minutes tocomplete. Our traditional ink and roll methods take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
How are results obtained?
Each applicant’s criminal record verification results can be sent directly to the individual or to a designated third party, such as an employer or immigration or pardons agency. If an applicant is under the age of 18, results must be returned directly to the home address. Please ensure that all the address information for the applicant and third party are ready during the application process.
Is Commissionaires a government agency?
Commissionaires is not a government agency. Commissionaires is a not-for-profit organization employing former military and police as well as responsible citizens of all ages in rewarding careers.
Is digital fingerprinting available at the Commissionaires BC office in Kelowna?
Yes. Digital fingerprinting is now being offered at our Kelowna office.