Army Cadet League of Canada BC Branch Pillars Conference 2018 No-50

Presentation at the Army Cadet League AGM

November 2, 2018 5:33 pm Published by

On invitation from the Army Cadet League of BC (ACL BC), Secretary Major Ken Usher, Commissionaire Ambassador Jim Billinger andSenior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Tara Wooster presented a 20 minute briefing at the their AGM on Saturday, October 20, 2018 in Chilliwack.

In addition, Jim and Tara stayed behind to ensure they could answer as many questions from Cadets, Cadet Officers and parents alike.

We are aiming towards a Memorandum of Understanding to encourage alumni Cadets to consider joining Commissionaires BC as a stepping stone in their career path. Having a continuous stream of people who know how to wear their uniforms and have developing customer service skills is an obvious fit for our organization.

Attending the Army Cadet League AGM were representatives from the hierarchy of the Canadian Sea Cadets and Canadian Air Cadets, both of whom intend to follow up with Jim and Tara to help with employment prospects for their aging our cadets.