Commissionaires is a leading Canadian security company that specializes in cutting-edge tools and innovative technology to safeguard your business and data from cyber threats. A personalized cybersecurity strategy can significantly bolster your data protection, providing you with the confidence that your digital assets are fully secured. We offer the following professional services to refine your digital infrastructure and defend your assets:
  • Cyber gap analysis
  • Cyber threat intelligence
  • Cyber training services
  • Cyber consultation
  • Incident response & monitoring
  • Vulnerability management
  • Penetration testing

Cyber Gap Analysis

Our gap analysis service provides a comprehensive assessment of your organization's cybersecurity posture. Our experts conduct an in-depth analysis of your existing security measures, identifying potential weaknesses in your digital defenses. This thorough examination enables us to create a tailored cybersecurity strategy that addresses your specific needs, minimizing your exposure to cyber threats.
With a gap analysis, you gain the insights necessary to strengthen your cybersecurity framework, enhancing your resilience against evolving cyber threats and a confident knowledge in what steps you should take next to protect your organization.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Report

Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals with a cyber threat intelligence report. We harness the power of extensive data and social network analysis, complemented by a vigilant watch over the dark web. This comprehensive approach enables us to provide you with real-time insights and automated threat alerts. Our team continuously monitors the cyber landscape, collecting data, analyzing patterns, and identifying potential risks. Armed with this intelligence, you can make informed decisions to proactively protect your digital assets.
With our cyber threat intelligence report, you gain a crucial advantage in the ongoing battle against cyber threats, ensuring that your organization remains vigilant and resilient.

Cyber Training Services

Empower your team with our comprehensive range of cybersecurity training programs. Our training offerings include engaging sessions on cyber security best practices, designed to equip your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to recognize and respond to cyber threats effectively. We understand the critical role that cyber awareness plays in fortifying your organization's defenses. Therefore, our training covers a spectrum of topics, from phishing prevention to incident response procedures.
With a particular focus on cyber awareness, we ensure that your staff becomes a vigilant line of defense against cyberattacks, reducing the risk of breaches and data loss. Invest in the cyber awareness of your workforce and enhance your organization's resilience against digital threats.

Cyber Consultation

Our cyber consultation service provides expert guidance in developing and implementing a robust cybersecurity strategy. We understand that every organization has unique challenges and goals. Our cybersecurity experts work closely with you to assess your specific needs and create a tailored plan to strengthen your digital defenses. Whether you're looking to enhance your current security measures, address compliance requirements, or adapt to emerging threats, our consultants provide the expertise needed to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape.
With our consultation services, you'll have a trusted partner by your side, ensuring your cybersecurity strategy aligns with your organization's objectives.

Incident Response & Monitoring

Prepare for the unexpected with our incident response and monitoring services. In the event of a cybersecurity incident, our team is ready to respond swiftly and effectively. We work with partners to offer 24/7 monitoring of your digital infrastructure, detecting unusual activities and potential threats. If an incident occurs, our experts initiate a well-defined response plan to contain and mitigate the damage.
With the help of our monitoring and incident response team, you can trust that your organization is prepared to face cyber threats head-on.

Vulnerability Management

Our vulnerability management service helps you identify and address weaknesses in your infrastructure before cybercriminals can exploit them. We employ advanced scanning tools and techniques to pinpoint vulnerabilities in your systems and applications. Our experts then provide recommendations for patching and securing these weaknesses, reducing the risk of a breach.
With our vulnerability management services, you can stay proactive in safeguarding your digital assets, maintaining a resilient defense against evolving cyber threats.

Penetration Testing

Put your cybersecurity defenses to the test with our professional and experienced ethical-hacking team. We offer various types of pentests; choose one that best suits your organization needs:
  • Black Box Penetration Testing: In this covert operation, our ethical hackers simulate real-world cyberattacks, armed with limited prior knowledge of your systems. This test mirrors the tactics of malicious actors, enabling us to identify vulnerabilities that may remain hidden from routine security measures.
  • Grey Box Penetration Testing: Offering a middle ground between transparency and secrecy, our Grey Box Penetration Testing allows our experts limited insight into your network. This approach combines elements of both White Box and Black Box testing, ensuring a holistic assessment of your security measures.
  • White Box Penetration Testing: With complete transparency, our White Box Penetration Testing provides our experts with full access to your system's architecture and defenses. This in-depth evaluation offers a detailed understanding of your security posture, allowing for precise identification and resolution of vulnerabilities.


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